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Over the past couple of months, Pennsylvania has become ground zero in the battle to defend Marriage. Marriage is far too important to our society to allow it to be redefined to suit the agenda of any radical special interest group. But, in order to arrive at Truth, both sides of an issue must be articulated. To date, it has been a one-sided debate – with homosexuals asserting that Marriage is nothing more than “two people who love each other”. If that were so, the institution would never have achieved the reverence and respect that is has.

Recently, the French National Assembly sent a report to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It said: ” The interests of the child must outweigh the exercise of freedom by adults…whatever life choices are made by the parents. Marriage is thus not only the contractual recognition of a couple’s love. It is a demanding framework with rights and obligations designed to welcome the child and provide for his or her harmonious development. Traditional Marriage must be preserved because it corresponds to the biological reality of the child, while same-sex relationships are infertile. Society has a duty to encourage optimum parenting since members of society bear the cost of parental failures and broken families.” This begins to explain why Marriage is too important to be changed at the whim of a temporary fad by radical elements.

It is time for the defenders of Marriage to respond. There will be a meeting on September 24, 7:30 PM at the Holiday Inn at 432 West Pennsylvania Avenue in Fort Washington, 19034, which is just off the Fort Washington/Route 309 exit of the Pa. Turnpike. The meeting will offer ideas and action items to defend traditional Marriage. We NEED you to raise your collective voice. Elected officials respond when they know that “the People” support an idea.

Three things you can do right now.
1. Go onto Facebook to the “Marriage – the Foundation of Society” page. “Like” it, and share it on your own page.
2. Share this blog post to your social network using the buttons below – and ask them to come to the meeting.
3. Pray that we have not waited too long.

Ted Meehan

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