March for Marriage - June 19 - Please RSVP ASAP


Over the past couple of months a March for Marriage was being organized, bringing supporters of traditional Marriage from all corners of our nation to Washington to stand witness before the Supreme Court.

A tiny group of radical homosexuals have been tying our nation up in knots by filing lawsuits before liberal activist judges, who reward them by overturning Marriage Law, and ordering homosexual “marriage” to be legalized.

Marriage is the foundation of Family, and Family is the foundation of Society. If the love between Man and Woman was not the source of bringing forth new life, there would be no such thing as Marriage. But, this special power deserves and requires a special status – both spiritually as a sacrament, and legally as the cornerstone of civilization.

A little over a week ago, Pennsylvania became the 17th state to have its Marriage Law overturned by an activist judge. If we don’t stand up for Marriage, our nation will soon be plunged into a chaotic state of “anything goes”. YOU can make a difference – by standing with other people of good will and letting the Supreme Court see that we care about Marriage.

Call TODAY – 610-446-5600. Make your reservation to ride to Washington to stand for Marriage on June 19. The Delaware County bus will leave from St. Pius X at 7am.

Thank you and God bless you!
Ted Meehan

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