Mass for Religious Liberty

For more information about the Mass for Religious Liberty (including a downloadable flyer), see this previous post.

In Pennsylvania, we have experienced a difficult year, with homosexual marriage being thrust upon Pennsylvania by a federal judge. Only the appeal by Theresa Gaffney (Register of Wills from Schuylkill County prevents this from being a foregone conclusion.) The recent Supreme Court overlooking of this controversy leaves too many of the lower court decisions in place. So, a great danger remains that Marriage will be undermined forever.

The HHS mandate has not been revoked – only delayed until January. The Church could then be subjected to punitive fines unless it funds contraception and chemical abortion. If marriage is not preserved, Catholic adoption services may well be shut down as they have been in Massachusetts and New York – since they won’t place children in homosexual situations.

The current electoral cycle – once again – poses a threat to the sanctity of life. Tom Wolfe proposes to eliminate some of the safeguards which had been passed in the wake of the Gosnell atrocities.

Many Democrat candidates in the SE have been promoting the proposition that there is a “war on women” being waged by anyone who resists greater numbers of abortions. Pro-Life candidates across the state are jeopardized by the prospect of a landslide Wolfe victory. Our pro-life majority in the state senate is particularly vulnerable.

Looking around the country, in Texas we see the City of Houston demanding that pastors hand over their sermons – in advance – so that the Government can remove any perceived “hate speech” (translation: moral teaching) from the texts.

The great Catholic philosopher of the 20tn century, Jacques Maritain, once warned that Promiscuity was capable of replenishing the earth’s population. But that reliance on Promiscuity would result in absolute chaos. His words were prophetic. Today, nearly half of all children born in the USA are born out of wedlock. Over a million unborn babies die of surgical abortion each year. We have no idea how many more are dying from chemical abortions. But fatherless homes are now the norm in the Inner Cities. In Philadelphia over 80% of babies are born out of wedlock. The result is poverty, dependence, despair. These lead to drug abuse, STDs, and crime. Fatherless children are prone to gang membership, and very high percentages of black males are incarcerated. High School Graduation rates are often at 50% o below. (Am I my brother’s keeper?)

Our Church – at the same time – has dropped below 20% attendance at Sunday Mass. Her voice has been silenced on the great moral issues of our time, because of a reluctance to be perceived as speaking on political issues. When homosexual marriage is imposed upon us – silence. With abortion rampant – silence. The only reports we ever hear are of scandals.

If we are to reform our Nation, we need to start by restoring our Church. The Church needs to find her voice. Doing so will bring her children back home. The flock know the Shepherd’s voice -and they will follow if they hear it! And so, the Mass for Religious Liberty serves as a clarion call to Lay Catholics and Clergy alike – to become modern day prophets. How many times in scripture do we see the People of God turn their back on Him and fall into ruin? One disaster after another. But God always raises up prophets. Their message is always the same: Turn away from sin and come back to the Lord. Over and over, this message finds the hearts of the ‘faithful remnant’. And the process of restoration begins.

We American Catholics need to decide if we wish to be governed by a secular spirit, or by The Spirit of Christ. Our Catholic faith has been the foundation of Western Civilization. Wherever Christianity flourishes, so does freedom. By contrast, wherever secularism takes control, freedom disappears. What is at stake? Liberty. Truth. Virtue. Love. Justice. Beauty.

We have been blessed with a great homeland, and given a Constitution that protects our Liberties, the first of which is Religious Liberty. It is up to each of us to protect and defend our birthright.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)


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