Please Act to Protect Marriage in Pennsylvania

Two Important Items to request of Legislators

1. Impeach – both Attorney General Kathleen Kane, and Montgomery County Register of Wills Bruce Hanes. These two have violated Pennsylvania Law, or refused to enforce Pennsylvania Law which violates their oath of office.

An impeachment resolution has been authored by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, and it needs co-sponsors and supporters. Please ask your State Rep to do both.

2. Intervene – The ACLU has filed suit in Pennsylvania to invalidate the definition of Marriage as being a union of one man and one woman. Attorney General Kane has refused to defend Pennsylvania’s Law. Therefore, it is essential that the Legislature authorize a Special Counsel to defend our Law.

It is entirely appropriate that the budget for any such Special Counsel come from the Attorney General’s budget, since her non-feasance has resulted in the need for Special Counsel.

You can find contact info for your legislators here:

Thank you for protecting Marriage in Pennsylvania,

Ted Meehan

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