Pro-Life Union of Delaware County May 2017 Newsletter


The May newsletter is now available here.

Much has been happening. Two important votes took place in Washington over the past few days. A CR (spending bill) was passed which had the effect of funding Planned Parenthood at its current levels thru September. But, yesterday on May 4, the House narrowly passed the Repeal of Obamacare, which redirects 89% of the Planned Parenthood money to non-abortion committing Healthcare providers. Praise the Lord!

There is more to do. Pennsylvania’s Senator John Eichelberger has introduced SB 300 to remove any state funding from Planned Parenthood, and redirect those funds to community health organizations. Please contact your State Senator to ask him/her to vote for SB 300. This bill was approved in Committee, and needs a vote by the full Senate to get it over to the House. Time is f the essence.

The Dismemberment Ban bill is alive again. Senator Michele Brooks sponsored SB 3, which quickly passed the full Senate back in January. It is currently in the House Health Committee, where it needs to be voted out – so the full House can vote on it. A simple majority vote in the House would send it to the Governor for a signature. Last time
it was before the House, it passed 132 to 65 – and we have added more pro-life members since then.

The House has sent a demand letter to the Department of Health to end Planned Parenthood’s coverup of sexual abuse on underage girls. Please pray that this is quickly resolved so that this nightmare can end.

Finally, circle June 6 on your calendars, and come to Harrisburg for a Rally for Life in the Rotunda featuring Philadelphia TV hostess and Radio Talk show personality Christine Flowers, as well as disabled children activist Kurt Kondrich, and a number of leading Pro-life legislators – including House Pro-Life Caucus Leader Kathy Rapp, and Senate Pro-Life Caucus Leader John Eichelberger. Your presence adds energy and enthusiasm to efforts to pass pro-life legislation. Spread the word! Come to Harrisburg on June 6!

God bless each one of you!


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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