Pro-Life 101

Hi folks,

WE highly recommend spending much time on all of these sites:

Here’s a video of Stephanie Gray at the Students for Life of America 2012 Conference regarding developing a secular, science and God given human reason based approach to defending ones pro-life position, done in a Christ-like loving manner. It is about 56 min. long. The organization’s other website is

Please pray and reflect on Father Frank Pavone’s, (the founder of Priests for Life (, quote “America will not stop abortion, until America sees abortion!” This is the main focus of Stephanie Grey and her organization the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Have a defense for the Planned Parrenthood lie to it’s patients, that the child within her is “just a blob of tissue!” See developing babies in the womb pictures, abortion procedure diagrams and aborted baby pictures on the Priests for Life website.

There is a wealth of information on running a vigil and other pro-life topics at 40 Days for Life. Their motto: Peaceful vigil, prayer and fasting, and community outreach.

Learn to counter Planned Parenthood’s bold-faced lie that abortion is good for women. Abortion hurts women! Read the many testimonies of women whose lives were devastated by abortion, at the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

More to come.