Silence means CONSENT!

The presence of Planned Parenthood in our community requires our public expression of disapproval.

Silence means CONSENT!

Monday is the first day of Holy Week, a time when Christians focus on the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for each one of us. We can follow Jesus in a very small way, by standing for those who are the most innocent and defenseless among us. “Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for Me.”

Our vigil offers us two ways to defend the sanctity of human life. First, by standing in solidarity with the Child waiting to be born, and publicly showing – by our physical presence – that we oppose the assault upon our unborn brothers and sisters. This is a most important witness. But secondly, we have the opportunity to educate our fellow citizens, who have been elected to public office. We can draw their attention to the great evil that they are being asked to approve – even as Pontius Pilot had done.

What terrible arrogance is demonstrated when a few men can dare to sit around a table and vote on whether or not others may live! Therefore, we ask that you bring letters or post cards to be delivered to these officials. These are most valuable when they are respectful, and focused upon the issue of Life.

While it is hoped that everyone will make a serious effort to attend the vigil itself, those who truly cannot attend can be a part of this witness by making sure to send your letter to Upper Darby Township. Simply, mail them ASAP to Pro-Life Delco, 11 Oakley Rd, Upper Darby, PA 19082 Points to include:

  1. Planned Parenthood’s mission is the taking of innocent human life, and they are the largest perpetrator of abortion in the world.
  2. Their presence in Upper Darby is an affront to the standards of our community, and it represents a danger to the morals – and to the lives of our youth.
  3. No public officials have the authority to allow any abortion company to infringe upon the unalienable right to Life, which has been endowed upon each of us by Our Creator.
  4. We come to you with the expectation that our grievance – that being the distribution of contraceptives to minors without parental consent, and the intentional destruction of innocent babies – will receive your most energetic attention. And we call upon you to prevent the evils which commonly accompany Planned Parenthood’s presence.

Thank you. God bless you! I hope to see each of you on Monday.

Yours for Life,
Ted Meehan

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